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Welcome to the International Charitable Fund “INSHE ZHITTIA”!
        On these pages you will find all the necessary information on the work of the Fund, its Goals and Objectives, Programs, Actions, and Contests, as well as feedback on our activities, about whom and how we help and those who help us. If you visit “The Academy of Philanthropy” you will learn many new and interesting things. Participate in one of the approved by Fund Contests and prevail! By becoming a sponsor or a participant of Program and Actions and adding to the ranks of the Club Volunteers or Philanthropists you will make a contribution to the development of charitable activities.
        Our website Tree has links for convenience and better placement of the information.
        The Fund is relatively young but has already achieved a lot. The Fund is developing and taking on new forms and methods of work, new partners and philanthropists. Charity becomes an integral part of our lives. Given the current pace of modern times, your constant busyness and daily worries, we continue to provide professional assistance to all those who are willing to help others.
«INSHE ZHITTIA» exists; we understand that social statistics are not just numbers, but real, maimed lives and fortunes. Charity is not a fleeting phenomenon, not a single social campaign, not a state’s attempt to shift its responsibility on the shoulders of community organizations, but the confidence of each of us in our future and the future of our children. The potential for kindness, compassion, and understanding in each of us is simply enormous; it is unlimited and not fulfilled due to a lack of organization and initiatives and, more importantly, a lost confidence in the activities of charitable foundations and organizations.
By doing good deeds while protecting the interests and enhancing confidence in the future for those who lost faith a long time ago, we are changing the previously established stereotypes of distrust towards charitable work to mercy, magnanimity and philanthropy.
        I do not call on you to do good and help your loved ones. Understanding the necessity to support and assist people in need is a personal choice and a good core in every person. For many centuries philanthropy and doing good deeds are believed to be pleasing to God, and philanthropists are thought to be good and noble people.
We are confident in the future! 

  “The race of mankind would perish did they cease to aid each other.”
                                                                                                                                                 Walter Scott

    With respect and love, MBF «INSHE ZHITTIA»,
                                                                                       President of the Fund, Balashova Elena Vladimirovna
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